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Suhas Shirvalkar (Devnagari: सुहास शिरवळकर ) (15 November 1948 – 11 July 2003) was a Marathi writer from Maharashtra, India. Shirvalkar wrote Social Novels, Detective Stories, Short Stories, One Act Play, Newspaper Columns, Poems etc.He authored more than 300 books including his well-known book Duniyadari. Known for his detective-thrillers, he had also authored Roopmati, a novel with a historical background, besides short stories, one-act plays. Devaki, a Marathi movie based on one of his short-stories, won a State award for best story.Duniyadari, a novel tracing the world of college-goers, was regarded a milestone in his writings.The creator of characters like Barrister Amar Vishwas [बॅ. अमर विश्वास], Firoz Irani [फिरोज ईराणी], Mandar Patwardhan [मंदार पटवर्धन] and Dara Buland [दारा बुलंद] in his popular detective thrillers, he also managed to handle topics like medicine and astrology in great detail in his writings. His newspaper columns including Ityadi-Ityadi, Vartulatim Mansa and Phalashruti were well received by readers.

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